Angels Of Darkness MC

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Overall Club Regulations

The following is a list of the Overall Club Regulations. Regulations are subject to change.

1)All members must be registered to this forum and Rockstar Social Club.
2)All members must be active on our forums and our Social Club page.
3)All members must understand and uphold the regulations for the club.

Rules Of Membership

1)All members must have this club set as their active club when online and involved in club activities.
2)All members cannot be involved directly with other Crews if they wish to be promoted to a higher position then Club Representative.
3)All members must uphold any decisions, orders, instructions, etc given by their superior(s).
4)All members must wear the appropriate patch to their position within their chapter and in the club.

Vehicles & Member Dress Code

The following is the regulations for vehicles and uniform for the club. Regulations are subject to change.

1)All members must own and actively drive at least one of the following; LCC Hexer, Western Daemon, Western Bagger.
2)All members can drive and own other vehicles, but must use the club vehicles for club activities.
3)All member's club vehicles must have the club colors and patch somewhere on their vehicle(s).
4)All members must store a club vehicle(s) if they are instructed to do so by their superiors.
5)All members Vehicle Access option must be set to Crew,Crew & Friends, or Everyone.
6)All members must wear their appropriate patch that coincides with their position within their chapter and/or the club.
7)All members must wear red, black, or white clothing appropriate to their patch.

Failure to understand and uphold these regulations can result in; verbal/written warnings, demotion, suspension, and/or removal from the club.